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Another Garden Blog?!?!?!

Introduction to Oregon Tilth blog land

Another Garden Blog?!?!?!

Randall ponders our slug population - photo by Shawn Linehan

Welcome to the virtual home of Oregon Tilth's Organic Education Center, and the Organic Demonstration Garden.  Keeping in mind the great and growing multitude of farm and garden blogs, we are keen on creating a space that is simple, practical, and highly resource-full. 


Our goal is to carry the demonstration garden and our education programs to a larger audience - providing seasonal updates, tips, tools, photos, insights and reflections fueled by our gardening experience and expertise.  Imagine an eccentric gardening friend thumbing wildly through his soil stained journal - part student, part teacher, part yarn spinner, three parts dirt-under-the-nails.


The seasons pass, filled with volunteers, visitors, classes, tours, steamy compost and thousands of seeds and seedlings that compose the world of garden based education.  We are grateful for this opportunity to learn and teach and grow with our hands in the soil, and we recognize that our work in the garden is both timeless and transient; an implement of change within a living, evolving system. 


This blog is a canvas, meant to capture moments and mementos so that we might find pause to stop, lean on our virtual hoes, and learn a thing or two.  As a reader, you can expect weekly blog entries, from garden exploits, to inspirational reads, to links on special events and partner organizations.  And considering that we are happiest outside in the garden, we'll try to stay grounded, with useful recommendations, photos, and "how-to's" for any garden.


Lastly, if you tire of the web portal, we can be found by phone, and in the garden, which is open to the public every day, from dawn till dusk.  Please don't hesitate to call or post with questions and/or comments...thank you for reading the Oregon Tilth blog!


In Good Tilth,


The Organic Education Center Team


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