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Applications (new and updates), forms, tools, and international documents are available here for Handlers and Processors

The Certification Packet along with Handling and Processing applications (new and updates), forms, tools, and international documents are available on this page.  Click one of the links to jump to the desired section.

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Certification Packet

The certification packet includes various documents and manuals that OTCO publishes in order to be fully transparent and provide you with the information you need to be successful during the certification process. In addition to the necessary items below you will need to download the appropriate application form for the certification you are seeking.

Document What is it?
OTCO Procedures Manual
Describes the procedures which OTCO implements to run the certification program. Describes the certification process, Oregon Tilth Structure and mediation and appeals process.  pdf
OTCO Fee Schedule
Describes the fee structure for all classes of certification and charges for all certification related activities. pdf
USDA NOP Regulations
Copy of the USDA National Organic Program Regulations 7 CFR part 205.  Regularly updated online CFR can also be viewed by visiting the National Archives and Records administration.  This weblink is updated on a weekly basis.
Certification Process Brochures
Various brochures for each type of general class of certification.  Describe basic information including the certification process, basic requirements and frequently asked questions.


New Applications
Handling (Class OP, OH, OM) - Covers all classes of Handling for certification, including processed organic foods by processors and co-packers, packers, brokers, wholesalers and distributors and marketers.

Click here for OSP documents

*The Handling Organic System Plan includes several supplemental forms for product evaluation, including a Master Product List, Master Ingredient List and a Product Formulation Sheet.  These can be downloaded individually or you can choose to download the Handling OSP Package which is a zip file containing all the documents necessary.
View OSP docs
Class OR - Organic Retail Stores: Covers retailers that sell organic products to the consumer, either as fresh produce, packaged goods, or ready-to-eat meals. doc
Class OR - Restaurant
Class OFT - Organic Fiber and Textiles (under Global Organic Textile Standards): Covers post-harvest production and handling of organic fiber and textiles. doc pdf
GOTS Worksheets (pdf)
Certification Contract and Trademark Use Agreement (required for all applicants)

update applications
Handling Organic System Plan Update
  • Organic Processing.  Manufacturing and Co-packing.  Organic Handlers, brokers, wholesalers and distributors.  Organic Marketers, traders and brand owners.
  • Class OR - Organic Retail Stores
  • Class OR - Restaurants
  • Class OFT - Organic Fiber and Textiles (under GOTS)
Fee Worksheet - Excel worksheet to determine annual certification fee

Blank Forms & Tools

blank forms
Agriculture vs. Non-Agriculture Questionnaire doc
Contact Change Form: Used to update contact information

Declaration for Nutrient Vitamin and Mineral: Used to capture specific information about the allowance of nutrient vitamins and minerals under the NOP. doc

Expedited Service Request Form: Used to get through the certification process quickly, service fee applies.
Handler Commercial Availability Documentation Form: Used to aid in the required information for OTCO to review commercial unavailability of ingredients used in organic manufactured products. doc
Independent Storage Information Sheet (ISIS):  Used to verify and approve off site storage facilities who do not open organic product while in their possession. doc
Master Ingredient List (Form MIL-03): Excel sheet lists all the ingredients and processing aids used to create a handled product.  It has two separate tabs, one for organic ingredients and one for non-organic ingredients/processing aid.  xls
Master Products List (Form MPL-01): Form designed to list all finished products a handling customer is requesting for certification. xls
Natural Flavor Questionnaire:  Used to verify  acceptability of a Natural Flavor (205.605) meets the requirement annotations as acceptable in organic food. doc pdf
Non-Organic Ingredient Declaration:  Used to verify non-organic ingredients and processing aids as not produced using excluded methods (GMO's), sewage sludge or irradiation.
Private Label Agreement: Sample document used as agreement between a manufacturing company and a non-certified marketing or retailing company for which they pack organic products. doc
Product Formulation Sheet (Form PFS-02):  Document used to show product formulation for item requested for certification. xls

Transaction Certificate Request Forms (Domestic): Used to keep track of buyer, seller, quantity, shipping company, and other information related to transactions.
Organic Product Labeling and Composition Guide: Outlines each product category, the requirements for product composition and the labeling requirements in each category. Great tool for label designers and product formulators.

International Trade

OSP Handling International Supplement: European Union supplement information.  If you will be additionally requesting certification under EU or regulations. doc pdf
Handler Affirmation for Export to Japan:  Used by Handlers/Processors as a way to confirm that their organic ingredient suppliers comply with Japan export requirements. doc pdf
Handler Affirmation for Trade with Canada:  Used to verify suppliers compliance of individual raw produce items for trading with Canada. doc pdf
Handler Affirmation for Trade with EU: Used to verify suppliers compliance for trading with the EU.

Transaction Certificate Request Forms (International): Used for international transactions to countries besides the EU, Japan and Taiwan. Click here for information on International and Domestic Trade doc pdf
EU Certificate of Inspection (COI) Request Form: Used for shipments of organic products exported to the EU. doc pdf
USDA Export Certificate (TM-11) Request Form: Used for shipments of organic products to Japan and Taiwan. Japan
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