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OLC Overview and Testimonials

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A slideshow of what the Organic Land Care Program is and does with class participant testimonials.

birdsView the OLC overview slideshow (pdf) or play the movie below.


  •  “I enjoyed the workshop, especially the more science portion where you get down to the building blocks of what is happening in the soil.  I am planning on using the University’s approach as the foundation of my program I will be putting in place next year.”

    Scott Schultze, Living Gardens
    Re: 7/15/11 workshop

  • “This conference was high-quality and very stimulating. It was a relief to have the organic common thread and learn from that foundational understanding. Dave was an excellent facilitator and guide through the process. His friendly and calm presence brought a feeling of connectedness and ease. He is a great asset to this program.”

    Program Eval, 2012 Training Attendee

  • “I enjoyed the class very much and I learned so much.”

    Chris Connelly, Gaia Landscapes
    Re: 7/15/11 workshop

  • “It filled knowledge gaps and also allowed me to meet others in the field and compare experiences and exchange information. Happy to be a part of this program.”

    Program Eval, 2012 Training Attendee

  • “It is scary  just looking at this list.  I am so relieved to know that I won’t be touching these hardly ever again.  I had an intense repulsion to these over the years even as I was using them.  I didn’t know there was another way.”

    -Steve Stash, Dovecreek Nursery, OLCP, OLC Standing Committee
    re: helping to review a list of pesticides for the Health Risks of Pesticides class

  • “Thank you Dave for doing such a stellar job with Tilth!”

    Leslie Campbell, training attendee, 2/14/12 postcard

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