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Inspection Status

MyOTCO Help for inspection status tab

Detailed information is displayed on the Inspection Status Page. The top table lists all mandatory and initial audits inspections. The bottom table provides details on any corrective actions.

Inspection Table:

  • Season - The year the inspection took place
  • Service - The service that was inspected
  • Inspection type - Initial or Mandatory Audit. The Initial Audit begins when an Organic System Plan, contract and payment have arrived at the OTCO office. It is reviewed for completeness and compliance assessment. The Mandatory Audit is an on-site inspection of a client to determine compliance with associated services. For more information on inspections, please see the Procedures Manual (pdf).
  • Workflow step - Shows if the audit is in progress or finished.
  • Inspector - The inspector assigned to the audit.
  • Inspection date - The date the audit started.
  • Inspector's result - Shows if the inspector had concerns.
  • Certif. officer - The Certification Officer assigned to the audit.
  • Certif. date - The date the audit was complete.
  • Certif. result - Displays if the audit was complete, approved, or if there were noncompliances or reminders. See below for details on Corrective Actions.

Corrective Actions Table:

  •  Status - If the corrective action is "in work," it is still active and unresolved.
  • Due on - The date by which the corrective action needs to be resolved.
  • Deviation - The details of the noncompliance or reminder.
  • Measure - The necessary steps to resolve the corrective action.
  • Sanction level - The corrective action will be either a noncompliance or a reminder. A noncompliance is an issue arising from not following regulation but is correctable and doesn't effect the organic integrity of the product (such as not having records for commercial availability of organic seed).
    A reminder is a concern that a client should be aware of that is outside of organic regulation (such as crops being grown in a transitional field should not be marketed or sold as organic).
  • Certification officer - The certification officer in charge of the inspection.
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