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MyOTCO Help for products tab

Products are displayed 10 per page. Use the arrow buttons at the bottom of the table to navigate through the products, or narrow down the number of products using the filters located at the top.

Product filters include:

  • Name - Type a specific product name to find all products. For example, entering "peas" could result in "peas" and "livestock feed - peas"
  • Status - Choosing "Active" will display all active products, "Inactive" will display all inactive products. By default, both active and inactive products are displayed.
  • Active - Enter dates to find products that are active within a given time frame.
  • Inactive - Enter dates to find products that are inactive within a given time frame.
  • Certificate group - Choose from a broad range of products such as Baby Foods, Dairy, or Fruit. The results can be further defined using the Product Category filter.
  • Inspection services - Narrow down the Products list by choosing a specific certification service.
  • Product category - A narrower search than the Certificate group - choose more detailed types of products such as bars, beef, or crackers.

After the desired filters are chosen, click "Search" to activate them. Use the "Reset filter" button to clear filter settings. Note: After clicking "Reset filter" click "Search" again to show all products.

Table columns:

  • Certificate group - A broad group of products such as dairy or vegetables.
  • Product category - A more defined group such as butter or lettuce.
  • Product name - The name of the product.
  • Trade name - Detailed information about the products such as "plain or salted" for the product of liquid egg yolks.
  • Active from - The date the product became certified.
  • Brands - Any brands the product is sold under.
  • Inspection services - The certification service the product meets.
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