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International Trade Reminders

When credible information is received it will be passed along to you. In the meantime please read these important reminders.

Unfortunately there is no news to report regarding several issues reported last month including;
-The US-Canada Equivalency Arrangement in light of the Canada Organic Regulation becoming fully effective.
-The EU Canada Equivalency Agreement.
-The updated Canada Standards and Permitted Substances List.
Last Month's Newsletter can be read here

When credible information is received it will be passed along to you.  In the meantime please read the following reminders;
- All shipments of organic product that cross the Canada border are expected to include the "Attestation Statement" somewhere in the accompanying shipping documents. 
The Attestation Statement is;
 “Certified in compliance with the terms of the US-Canada Organic Equivalency Arrangement”.
Without this statement there is a risk of product being held at the border.  In addition, OTCO has been instructed to audit client records for this statement.  More information on this requirement can be found here;

- The US-Canada Equivalency Arrangement has presented significant challenges for some OTCO clients. In order to minimize problems, OTCO clients are encouraged to do the following;
Consider the requirements of the US-Canada Equivalency Arrangement as additional requirements to basic certification.  Especially if you are selling organic products that will be used as ingredients in other organic products.  As you complete your Annual Review Applications please pay particular attention to the questions pertaining to the Arrangement.
Consider adding an additional purchasing requirement for your new and established suppliers to include documentation of compliance to the Arrangement along with current Organic Certificates and other requested information.
Be sure to discuss the Arrangement with your Inspector.  This is the time to become clear on your plans, and what the requirements are.
More information on the US-Canada Equivalency Arrangement can be found on the OTCO website here;

As usual you are certainly welcome to contact me directly with whatever International questions and concerns that you might have.

Jim Pierce
Global Certification Program Manager
503-779-9063 (cell)
541-753-4924 (fax)
jim-pierce (skype)
jim at tilth dot org

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