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Watch for Tilth Producers members in GOOD FOOD, a film about mindful small family farmers and their comeback!

GOOD FOOD Takes a Lively Look at Sustainable Food and Farming A farm-fresh alternative to factories and feed lots Airs on OPB Wed. Aug. 11 – 8 p.m. & Sun. Aug. 15 – 11 a.m.

Something remarkable is happening in fields and orchards around the country. Small family

farmers are making a comeback. Growing healthier food and lots more per acrewhile using less energy and water than factory farmsthey are sowing the seeds of a vibrant, sustainable food system.

Nowhere have those seeds taken root like in the Pacific Northwest. GOOD FOOD walks in the fields, rides in the trucks, talks with the legislators, and shops in the markets where Northwest farmers, chefs, grocers, lawmakers, and citizens are working together to deliver local, organic food to tables across the region. A lively look at what is already happening, GOOD FOOD presents an inspired vision of what is possible everywhere.


"I haven't felt this excited and encouraged in a long time,” said Ruth Ozeki, author of My Year of Meats and All Over Creation. “GOOD FOOD is a wonderfully heartening film that documents the creativity, determination and passion of local farmers and distributors to bring healthy delicious food to their communities.”


Celebrating the people who are making the movement a success, the stories told in GOOD FOOD come from a diverse cast of farmers, ranchers, marketers, and restaurateurs:

▸ Dairy farmer Mark Schmid shares the advantages of converting a conventional dairy to one that produces for the cooperative Organic Valley.

▸ Brooke and Sam Lucy of Bluebird Grain Farms harvest and sell organic grain on land they have recovered from years of disuse.

▸ The Hatfields, family ranchers who founded Country Natural Beef, explain how proper grazing of cattle can actually improve the environment.

▸ Hilario Alvarez, who came to the U.S. as a farm worker decades ago, shows off the innumerable varieties of colorful peppers that brighten his fields and farmers markets.

▸ George and Eiko Vojkovich of Skagit River Ranch raise chickens, pigs and beef organically, and sell directly to consumers and restaurants.

▸ Chef Seth Caswell buys from individual farmers to make his menus local, seasonal, and delicious.

▸ Farmers Susan Ujcic and Anna Salafsky provide Community Supported Agriculture boxes for hundreds of families each week during the growing season.

▸ Burgerville CEO Jeff Harvey emphasizes the "fresh, local and sustainable" model used for buying ingredients for his chain of 39 quick food restaurants.

▸ New Seasons Markets produce buyer Chris Harris explains the benefits of contracting directly with local farmers. 

▸Former County Executive Ron Sims explains the importance of local food for public health.


Chock full of colorful imagery, and featuring original music from nationally known cellist and composer Jami Sieber, plus Mark Graham, Los Emocionantes and Jack KnauerGOOD FOOD presents a positive and healthy alternative to the factories and feed lots that have come to define the American food system.


"The stories told here are vital for the whole nation to see,” said author Bill McKibben. “The Northwest may be leading the local food revolution, but the rest of the country is right behind."


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About the Producers

For award-winning Northwest filmmakers Mark Dworkin and Melissa Young, GOOD FOOD will be the fifth of their documentaries to be broadcast on PBS stations around the country [In the Midst of Winter, 1993; Retooling America, 1994; How Can I Keep on Singing?, 2003; Net Loss, 2004]. The team has a history of work related to food, farming, social justice, and the environment.


Reviews of GOOD FOOD

"Couldn't be more timely! A film made to awaken our taste buds and our courage to create a food system aligned with what the earth needs and what our bodies yearn for. GOOD FOOD shows us it's possible. It's happening!"

Frances Moore Lappe, author, Diet for a Small Planet, Getting a Grip 2


“The film chronicles a veritable revolution going on all around us in which large numbers of people are turning their backs on the evil ways and unhealthful products of industrial agriculture and finding a whole new relationship with the food they eat and the land that surrounds them.”

William Arnold, film critic, Seattle Post-Intelligencer


"Food scarcity may become the dominant issue of our time. This film demonstrates that abundance is possible when we refocus on regional agriculture and honor those who are making it happen. This film is a celebration of the best of the Northwest, portrayed through food and those whose hands grow it."

Michael Ableman, farmer and author of On Good Land and Fields Of Plenty


“Amid stunning visuals of rural Oregon and Washington landscapes, the film introduces viewers to the grain harvesters, ranchers, restaurateurs and distributors who are a part of this movement and connects us with a more sustainable and sensible way of putting good food on our tables.”

Eric Larson, Common Ground


“If you care about food, see this film and be inspired!”

Ruth Ozeki, author of My Year of Meats and All Over Creation.


"Celebrate[s] the unsung, quiet heroes who toil long and hard to feed us, and in turn nurture a rural renaissance."

Andrew Rodman, In Good Tilth

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