Organic Fertilizer & Cover Crop Calculator

Oregon Tilth, in partnership with Oregon State University’s Organic Cropping Research program, helped develop a free online tool to compare the nutrient value and cost of cover crops, organic and synthetic fertilizers and compost. This work was sponsored by Western Sustainable Agriculture Research. The tool comes with:

  • Quick Guide & Records Sheet | A quick guide illustrating the main steps used to use the calculator, the records sheet identifies all the information needed to use the calculator.
  • Nitrogen Release Estimator | A PNW Extension Publication that explains how to sample cover crops, introduces a shortcut method for estimating cover crop plant-available nitrogen (PAN) release, describes the science behind cover crop PAN estimates, and uses on-farm case studies to address other frequently asked questions about cover crop PAN.
  • Research Background | Papers and an eOrganic webinar provides more information about the research supporting the PAN estimates provided in the calculator.

Download the free Organic Fertilizer & Cover Crop Calculator.