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606 Organic

Listing of available ingredients which are listed on 205.606

Developed to assist in the search for organic sources of the nonorganically produced ingredients allowed in the National Organic Program section § 205.606. The nonorganic ingredients listed in § 205.606 may only be used when an organic form is not commercially available.

We encourage suppliers of these organic ingredients to register their product on this site. There is no cost for registration. This service is provided with the intention of encouraging the organic production of ingredients listed on NOP § 205.606. A copy of your organic certificate for the product to be listed is required.

While this site may list organic ingredients for use as replacements to nonorganic ingredients listed in NOP § 205.606, it does not make the determination that these ingredients are “commercially available”. That determination is made by the client and their certifying agent.

This site is simply providing information that there is an organic supply of the non organic ingredients allowed for use under NOP § 205.606.

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