Collaboration Increases



We know big challenges can’t be faced alone. The majority of our work is part of an approach to create collaborative, comprehensive and long-lasting solutions. The power of strong relationships offers great opportunities to deliver services that would not be possible in isolation. A partnership model helps us increase the value of our initiatives and address the unique needs of each participant, while leveraging resources and expertise along the way.

We focus our partnership strategic approach on the following values:

+ Courageous conversations strengthen partnerships.

Sometimes the most difficult step in confronting big challenges is engaging in discussion with different perspectives. In order to truly create comprehensive change, we believe it starts with bringing everyone to the table to find solutions. And while agreement might not always be easy, honest and respectful dialogue increases trust between partners committed to a shared vision.

+ Collaboration supports implementation and impact.

Whether it is increased capacity or reduced financial risk, our partnerships discover how to leverage what each does well in order to make up for where we each fall short. Collaboration creates a welcoming environment for transparency, balance and trust. These core values empower all partners to operate effectively and efficiently, making sure focus is on reaching shared goals.

+ Successful strategic alliances include public and private investment.

Our work values public-private partnerships in order to build infrastructure, standardize services and share risk. We see firsthand how private innovation or not-for-profit research can be translated into winning policy reforms that make big impacts for environment, health and economy.

+ Outside perspectives capture unknown and innovative ideas.

Our partners expertise bring to the forefront unique viewpoints that we might overlook. And these partnerships create safe spaces for meaningful exchanges of ideas. We understand that a competitive landscape for attention, funding and opportunity requires being open to diverse and novel possibilities to make our work efficient and effective.