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General Inquiries

If you’re looking for answers to general questions about our organization such as:

  • Who we are and what we do…
  • Where we’re located…
  • How to submit your completed application…
  • How to pay your certification fees…
  • How to connect with your Certification Officer or File Reviewer…
  • Basic information about the services we offer…

Contact our main office by phone at: (503) 378-0690 for help Monday-Friday from 9:00am – 5:00pm (PST) or connect with us via email at: <>.

Getting Started

Interested in getting certified organic? Questions about the certification process? Whether you’re considering getting your operation certified and would like to learn more about the next steps or if you’ve already started your application and need help, our client relations team has you covered if:

  • You’re interested in getting your operation certified organic
  • You have questions about the certification process
  • You need assistance with completing your application
  • You’re interested in switching from your current organic certifier to OTCO

Need more help? Go ahead and reach out to our certification services team at:

Client Hotlines

Currently certified with OTCO? Already submitted an application for review?
For current clients and those that have already submitted their application for review, we’re proud to offer Hotline services to both farmers and processors.

Call the Farmer Hotline or Processor Hotline on Monday-Thursday from 7:00am – 4:45pm(PST) for help with:

  • Questions about materials…
    Do you have a new material that you would like to use?
  • Questions about certification status…
    Curious as to when your inspection is or what the status is of your renewal or application?
  • General inquiries about practices..,
    Do you have a general practice question or question about rules and regulations as they relate to your operation?
  • Questions about communications and notices…
    Did you get a letter from us in the mail and need further clarification?
  • Questions about updating your OSP…
    Do you have a change in your Organic System Plan (OSP) and need to update it?

Contact our Farmer Hotline at: (503) 581-8102 or (503) 378-0690 Ext. 102 or <>
Contact our Processor Hotline at: (541) 368-7645 or (503) 378-0690 Ext. 101 or <>

Help Center / FAQs

Have a question?
Start by searching here.

Our Help Center is filled with FAQs, guides, blank forms, and other tools to help you manage your certification services with ease.

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