Bee Better



The Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation has partnered with Oregon Tilth to develop and launch the Bee Better Certified™ program, a new certification program that enables agricultural producers to let consumers know they are farming in ways that benefit bees.

About Bee Better Certified™

Bee Better Certified™ works with farmers and food companies to conserve bees and other pollinators in agricultural lands. Our work advances more resilient pollinator populations and sustainable crop production. The Bee Better Certified seal identifies and celebrates farmers and businesses that adopt farm management practices that support pollinators, and gives consumers confidence that their purchasing decisions benefit pollinators and the farmers working to protect them.

The Xerces Society provides the technical expertise and scientific foundation necessary to identify key factors that farmers can alter to benefit pollinators. Oregon Tilth provides over 40 years of certification experience, which allows farmers to get certified with ease. This material is based upon work supported by the Natural Resources Conservation Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture. NRCS provides technical and financial assistance to agricultural producers to help them plan and implement a variety of conservation practices, including those that benefit bees and other pollinators.

Oregon Tilth assesses and certifies farms based on the amount and quality of habitat created as well as the incorporation of pest management strategies aimed at protecting crop pollinators. Bee Better certification is good for a period of three years, however, annual updates must be submitted per the program. For more information about the program, visit the Bee Better Certified™ website.

Documents and application

The following are documents, forms and guides for the application and maintenance of the Bee Better Certified™ program. For more information, visit the Bee Better Certified™ website.

  • Bee Better Certified™ Production Standards
    This document provides information on getting started in developing a Bee Better Certified™ Plan and discusses the production standards as divided into four sections: pollinator habitat, pesticide mitigation, managed bumble bees, and recordkeeping.
  • Background to Bee Better Certified™ Production Standards
    This document presents the reasoning behind the production standards. Each standard is presented with a summary of the research supporting the standard, accompanied by a selection of resources that offer relevant information that can help with its implementation.
  • Bee Better Certified™ Plan Template
    Please complete this Plan for all operations seeking Bee Better certification. This plan, along with the Oregon Tilth  application form, are required to begin the process of certification to the Bee Better standards.
  • Oregon Tilth Application Form
    This form is a short application to Oregon Tilth, to be submitted in alongside the Bee Better Certified™ Plan.
  • Farm Management Assessment Guide
    This assessment is meant to help farmers and landowners identify: 1. How their farms are already meeting the Bee Better Certified™ standards and 2. Where practices need to be altered or habitat added in order to bring the property into compliance. This tool can be used in the field to help with the habitat planning and pesticide mitigation processes. The results of this tool can be incorporated into the Bee Better Certified™ Plan, which is a required component of the certification process.
  • Pesticide Use Record Form
  • Plant Materials Sourcing Record Form
  • Plant List Record Form
  • Non-pesticide Management Record Form
  • Bee Better Certified™ Labeling Standards
    This fact sheet provides an introduction to theBee Better Certified™ marks, the seals and logos which are shown on the back of this fact sheet. Certified farms and food companies using crops from these farms may use the marks on products and in promotional or other materials. All uses require approval in accordance with the terms of the applicable license agreement.
  • Noncompliance
    This document details the process for noncompliances, corrective actions and denial or suspension of certification.
  • Definitions
    The definitions given in this fact sheet are used in the Bee Better Certified™ Labeling Standards, Production Standards, and other documents.
  • Xerces Society Consultation Notice of Interest
    Please use this form to notify the Xerces Society of your interest in engaging their pollinator specialists to help you meet the requirements of theBee Better Certified™ Production Standards and assist with the creation of a Bee Better Certified™ Plan.
Visit the Bee Better Certified™ website