Oregon Tilth is pleased to offer transitional certification services in order to assist growers throughout the shift from conventional to organic. The Transitional Certification service acts as a stepping-stone for operations that desire organic certification for parcels of land but do not meet the three year land history requirements. During this time period, transitional agricultural products must not be labeled, sold or represented using the word “organic” in any form.


Clients utilizing the Transitional status do so for a variety reasons. Here are a few examples of how and why this service can be useful:

  • Your operation has large volume of acreage in many different parcels
    If you own, lease or otherwise manage parcels of land and want to start keeping track of each parcel as part of your overall Organic System Plan (OSP), the Transitional service can help accomplish the goal. This eliminates overlapping bookkeeping and can be beneficial when applying for grants, insurance or tax-based assessments by creating highly auditable records.
  • You are applying for NRCS or EQIP funds
    If you are applying for NRCS or EQIP funds and need to show you are in the process of attaining organic certification, this is the service for you. Rather than deny you organic certification because of the three year land history requirement, we provide the option of Transitional certification after a full year of not having applied prohibited materials.
  • Show your customers your commitment
    You are working hard towards achieving organic certification of your property and want to show clients your commitment to sustainable practices. Transitional service provides proof that you are well on your way to providing customers with goods and services which meet their growing needs.
  • OTCO provides support as you move toward organic certification
    We provide the support and oversight as you move toward organic certification to ensure you avoid missteps that could extend the amount of time you must wait to attain organic certification.


To apply for Transitional Certification, you must affirm or have a land history that shows a minimum of one year without the application of prohibited materials as part of your overall Class O/Crop application to OTCO. Then for the next two years, your operation is monitored and reviewed just like any other organically certified client. Once you meet the three years without the application of prohibited materials and approval of your Organic System Plan (OSP), you are then granted organic certification.

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