Why Oregon Tilth?

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About OTCO

Established in 1974, Oregon Tilth is a leading nonprofit organic certifier in the United States. Oregon Tilth Certified Organic (OTCO) uses time-tested expertise about the certification process to give clients and consumers assurance an organic product is as advertised. From shaping the standards for the 1990 Organic Foods Production Act to launching new sustainability programs, we’re dedicated to innovation that stands on the shoulders of our founding organic pioneers.


Our job is to support and uphold the integrity of our clients for the consumers who depend on us. The focus of our work is not just about process. It’s also about people.

Each day, we aim to provide services with exceptional care and attention to detail. It’s our responsibility to ensure each person we touch is treated with respect and given unmatched support.

We know certification is complex. Our goal is to provide unique and personalized assistance that is educational, transparent and timely. With us, you’ll always work through your questions with a real person and get honest answers. Whether working with your client services team or navigating our Help Center, we work hard to deliver dynamic services that make people feel valued and empowered. We’re driven to find better outcomes for our clients by building quality relationships with those we support.

At OTCO, we never believe that one size fits most. We know how complicated and challenging “going organic” is for a new farmer or handler. It should be; the organic label is one of the most crucial market claims consumers rely on. With OTCO, you’ll work with a staff that helps you make sense of it all. We promise to hold ourselves to the highest levels of accountability and performance to satisfy client and consumer expectations.


The foundation of any claim is integrity. Over the past 30 years, Oregon Tilth has built a reputation as an advocate for organic and sustainability certification in food and farming. When we started out, countless hours of planning, failures, and lessons learned went into creating our organic standards from the ground up. Later, our founders traveled to Washington, D.C., sleeping on hotel room floors with other organic pioneers, paving the way for the Organic Foods Production Act.

Today, our staff travel to National Organic Standards Board meetings, participate in the Accredited Certifiers Association and chair key committees in the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition. For us, it’s not enough to accept status quo. We’re pushing for rigorous and sensible changes to maintain the integrity of organic products in a growing marketplace. OTCO is committed to supporting its standing as a thorough and diligent certifier. Our goal is to ensure certification with OTCO is not just an assurance to the end consumer, but also for your entire supply chain. OTCO’s reputation for quality, validation, and dependability help you build lasting relationships with consumers interested in sustainable foods and products.


No one can know everything. We provide technical assistance to help you fully understand the regulations and requirements of organic certification and our other sustainability certification programs.

We’re here to answer your questions. Our team features specialists in animal sciences, food science, processing, chemistry, soil science, horticulture, biodiversity and much more. We provide transparent, objective reviews and explanations, finding the right person to help address the uniqueness of your situation. At OTCO, we deliver a deep understanding of how organic standards reflect broader sustainability goals. Our educational services develop and share resources for the big questions in front of us. From data analysis on transitioning from non-organic to organic production to developing tools for farm viability, we offer research-backed best practices to tackle production issues.

Impact and reach

  • 7 countries Global recognition of OTCO
  • 47 states OTCO-certified operations across the U.S.
  • 797,586 acres OTCO-certified farmland
  • 27,540 products OTCO-certified products
  • $100,000 Invested in organic extension education
  • 63 trainings Educational workshops by our staff in 2017