Smart Strategies for


Farm Viability

The idyllic landscape of a farm can cloud the fact that it is actually a business. Farms sit at the center of communities, providing an economic engine that create jobs, provide and depend upon services, cultivate economic opportunities for linked food-based businesses and more.

Farming is a livelihood and a business

Oregon Tilth helps farm businesses assess a range of needs—financial planning, production costs and recordkeeping to name a few—as we work hand-in-hand to provide guidance, resources and tools to improve business practices and growth. We’re committed to empowering farmers that are just beginning their careers or seasoned growers transitioning to an organic production systems. We believe focusing on farm business practices provides the building blocks for strong assets for a community’s economy. Our support in the form of workshops, educational partnerships and technical assistance is designed to cultivate strong entrepreneurship and sustainability.

Successful farming is about preparedness, adaptability and access to resources

Supporting farm viability is not focused on a single business. We see that when a farm business thrives it can improve the entire sector, creating jobs and introducing a suite of services that stimulate regional economies.

Our initiatives focus on the core elements of all successful businesses: business planning, cost analysis, financial systems management, investment analysis and strategic planning.

Simply put, Oregon Tilth connects farmers with needed resources. Our work tailors smart business development strategies for organic producers. We collaborate with a network of farmers, researchers and processors to link business gaps with opportunities. A stronger sense of emerging markets coupled with well-established farm business practices enables farmers to engage in smart planning and strategies for accessing the marketplace. We understand the value of investing in support structures that not only focus on production practices in the field, but extend into the office—farm business owners trained in business management skills and with access to quality tools and resources will be able to confidently engage and plan for their farm’s economic futures.

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