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Farm Viability Products + Services

Technical Assistance and Trainings

We provide technical assistance for growers, processors, handlers and others to support organic operations that would like assistance. We offer several topics for organic production systems management through workshop intensives and technical trainings:

  • Pest and weed management strategies on organic farms
  • Organic nutrient management
  • Soil health on organic farms
  • Cover cropping in organic systems
  • Understanding costs of production or Enterprise Analysis
  • Business Planning and Record-keeping
  • Animal welfare practices on organic farms
  • Livestock health and living conditions
  • Record-keeping for Organic Certification

Conferences, Classes and Cohorts

Through webinars, conferences and other events, we support organic farmers connecting and sharing knowledge. For over a decade we’ve subsidized the annual Farmer to Farmer Exchange of Pacific Northwest vegetable growers. In collaboration with Oregon State University we’re hosting annual cohorts of farmers participating in a project to identify their farm’s unique costs of production. These cohorts are currently running in Oregon and Washington with plans for expansion to additional states in coming years. Lastly, Growing Farms: Successful Whole Farm Management is an online course, created by OSU in partnership with Oregon Tilth. It provides farmers with the tools and knowledge needed to develop and manage a successful farm business. This course is intended for people who are considering starting a farm business, those within their first five years of farming and others who may be considering major changes to their farm business.

Our partnership with Oregon State University Center for Small Farms and Community Food Systems to create an Organic Extension program is part of an overall effort to provide peer-led learning by and for organic producers. And we’re launching annual mini-conferences across the country to provide training to organic producers on transition, ag. viability and conservation.

Research and Tools

We work with partners to develop tools for organic producers that eliminate variables and provide quality data for informed production decision-making. In collaboration with Oregon State University, we’ve developed the Organic Fertilizer & Cover Crop Calculator, a free online tool to compare the nutrient value and cost of cover crops, fertilizers and compost as well as a means to estimate cover crop plant-available nitrogen (PAN) release. In addition, our research work is focused on the creation of action-oriented implementation guides and handbooks for producers to apply findings into practice. From record-keeping case studies to livestock feed and nutrition FAQs, our comprehensive online Resource Library covers more than 50 topics.

Interested in having Oregon Tilth provide a training, workshop or webinar? Want to join a cohort or a class? Want a staff member to attend and present at an upcoming event? Contact us at <>.