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Demystifying Pasture, Feed, and Dry Matter Intake (DMI) Records: Tips and Tricks to Avoid Compliance Concerns

September 10 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm Free

This webinar focuses on the record keeping requirements for dry matter intake (DMI) during the grazing season, pasture access, and feed records required for the on-site inspection and certification. The presenters will demonstrate examples of record keeping for organic ruminant operations and also discuss common pitfalls to avoid with records that can impact compliance. Understand the organic pasture rule and how to sufficiently record the grazing season to ensure smooth audits at inspection. Learn how to track and calculate DMI to ensure you meet compliance with the Pasture Practice Standard. The standard requires ruminants to annually receive a minimum of 30% of DMI from pasture, on average, over the course of the grazing season. Examples for both small and large scale “high risk” dairies will be provided.


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