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Irrigation Water Management Planning

September 30, 2015 @ 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Irrigation Water Management (IWM) Plans provide the producer with a guide for the proper management and application of irrigation water. The objective of IWM is to determine the volume, frequency, and rate of irrigation water application. IWM Plans promote achieving the desired crop response, optimizing the use of available water supplies, improving water quality, minimizing irrigation induced soil erosion, managing salts in the root zone, improving air quality by reducing movement of particulate matter, ensuring appropriate and safe chemigation practices, and reducing energy consumption.

NRCS also utilizes IWM Plans within the context of Conservation Activity Plans (i.e., CAP 118). In this webinar, participants will be provided with a summary of the content and objectives of an IWM Plan, its components, data requirements, and write up. The webinar will include a discussion of a few sound irrigation scheduling methods and tools. The webinar is expected to be of value to most engineers, water managers, agronomists, planners, and field staff, as well as to extension specialists and Technical Service Providers who develop the CAP 118 for producers.