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Why sponsorship?

We’ve redesigned In Good Tilth into a beautiful, reader-centric design that gives engaged audiences the best chance to participate in positive conversations about the sustainable food movement. As you know, sponsorship is not an ad. We don’t view sponsorships as a “plus” form of advertisement. Rather, with sponsorship, you become an intimate part of what we’re doing with In Good Tilth. We have international recognition, strong reach, and respect within the sustainable and organic food community. Your sponsorship tells people: “We love Oregon Tilth too, and are proud to be a part of it.”

The Specs

Oregon Tilth currently prints 9,000+ copies of In Good Tilth that we mail to our membership, certified organic clients, and our partner networks. Also, we distribute the magazine as exclusive content in partnership with select national conferences and events from Iowa and Wisconsin to New Mexico and New York. Our readers are some of the most invested, brightest and committed people in organic food and agriculture, from innovative farmers to policymakers to millennial parents to think tank leaders to CEOs of international food companies. Most readers are based in the US, Canada, and Mexico. Additionally, we connect with a minimum of 17,500 digital readers each issue through a combination of email, social media and partnership networks that micro-target audiences to deliver content that is most meaningful to them.IGT Sponsorship


Our readers value our sponsors’ commitment to fund the educational content of our publication.

So, just to recap: We don’t have pages of ads. Just up to five sponsors each issue. That’s it. As a sponsor, you show your support for Oregon Tilth through a contribution of $1,000, which will get you:

  • One full-page display featuring your logo, appeal and website
  • Social media post with links to your website
  • Logo in IGT distribution emails
  • Logo with hyperlink on our website
  • Four print copies of that issue
  • An official Oregon Tilth Patron sticker
  • Sneak preview of one feature story
  • A huge thank you (virtual and real whenever we see you)

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We offer a second option to be seen by our followers. For a small donation, we make you part of an issue and print your name (or that of your company) and website in the Patrons section of the magazine.

These 20 limited slots help us cover some of our production and distribution costs. Not only are you in exclusive company, our readers will be able to stop and recognize your support for our work in a unique way. For just a small one-off payment of $100 you’ll get:

  • Your name or company (and website) listed elegantly in the upcoming issue
  • Two copies of that issue sent to you wherever you are
  • An official Oregon Tilth Patron sticker
  • A top-secret preview of a feature story the day before launch
  • A huge thank you (virtual and real whenever we see you)

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2020 Issue

In Good Tilth 2020
Starting in 2020 we are re-launching In Good Titlth to a longer once-a-year release. Stay tuned for more information as we expand our word count and digital offerings. Tilth is the cultivation of wisdom and spirit. To confront the big problems threatening us all, we need to elevate community-led ideas that motivate us to take action.

Deadline: July 1, 2020 | Release: December 2020

Become a sponsor

Send us an email at media@tilth.org or you can submit payment for a sponsorship or patronship online. If you need an invoice for recordkeeping, please just let us know. We reserve the right to decline entries that do not comply with our desired format (in which case you’ll be refunded, of course).