Can I use my equipment for both organic and non-organic products?

Yes. However, you’ll need to demonstrate and document a plan for purging and sanitizing equipment to prevent the commingling of organic and non-organic products.

When do I need to purge my equipment?

Purging applies to equipment used for both organic and non-organic products. It may also eliminate the step of equipment cleaning in certain situations.

A purge runs an adequate batch of organic product through equipment to eliminate any residue or remaining non-organic product in unreachable areas. All purged organic batches may not be sold as organic. They are eligible for sale as non-organic or may be discarded. Detailed records of equipment cleaning and purges are required.


Always purge shared equipment prior to running a full organic batch.

When are equipment purges not required?

If you can adequately clean equipment prior to an organic run, or you are an organic-only facility, a purge is not required. Appropriate steps to eliminate cleaning material or sanitation residue are still necessary.

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