Livestock broker

As of October 1, 2017, OTCO-certified organic operations may only purchase organic livestock from other certified organic operations. Purchase of organic livestock through uncertified brokers/traders will not be accepted and result in an immediate noncompliance. Uncertified operations may still provide transportation services for organic livestock, but cannot be involved in the purchase or sale of organic livestock.

All livestock purchase records require:

  • A valid organic certificate from the seller
  • Purchase documents (e.g., receipts and shipping records) that include the seller’s name and the individual animal identification for each certified organic animal purchased, or the flock ID for each certified organic flock of poultry (e.g. pullets)
  • Confirmation of payment to the operator identified on the valid organic certificate
  • Traceable individual animal identification throughout the supply chain, such as:

    • Regulatory animal health program tags, such as Bangs tags/USDA Silver Brite tags for Brucellosis in cattle, or Scrapie program tags in sheep.
    • Animal identification number tags, with or without RFID technology
    • Breed registry identification numbers
  • Transportation records (e.g., logbooks, etc.) showing the original location of pick up, total travel time on vehicle, and delivery to the final destination

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