Material(s) records for crops

Documentation of materials used on your farm is a critical part of your recordkeeping system. An inspection will review the materials used, how they are used, and determine the compliance of your certification.

Which materials do I need to keep records for?

You will need to maintain purchase records for all materials used in crop production such as seeds, transplants, fertilizers, pesticides, etc.

What records do I need to keep for materials?

You will need to maintain purchase records and receipts for each material used. In addition, you will need to keep records of each material applied, application location, date of application, and the amount/rate of the application. One simple approach is to file each receipt — with dates and labels — with the brand name, manufacturer and ingredient list in chronological order in a binder.

How do I document when and how a material is used on my farm?

Using maps — with color codes, material codes, etc. — is a useful way to document material(s) used on your farm. You and an inspector will be able to trace application of materials for compliance and your future production plans. All maps must include what material you applied, the date of application, and the quantity applied.

Do I need to maintain records for compost production?

You must maintain compost production records for all on-farm produced and used compost. Records should include material types and quantities, as well as logs of temperature readings and turnings, to ensure compliance with the standards.

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