Understanding a noncompliance notice

When an inspection, review, or investigation reveals an operation is not compliant with the requested standards, we will issue a noncompliance.

When is a noncompliance issued?

Items that are correctable and submission of a written, documented corrective action from the operation can bring the issue to a resolution, we will often issue a noncompliance.

What is in a noncompliance notice?

A notice includes a description(s) of the noncompliance(s), reference and connection to the applicable regulation and/or standard, basis for the noncompliance notice (e.g., observations, evidence, etc.), and the due date for submission of a written response.

How will I know when the noncompliance is resolved and removed?

When an operation adequately demonstrates that each noncompliance was appropriately addressed, we will send the operation a written notification of resolution or need for further action. If we receive a partial or incomplete response, OTCO will immediately send correspondence with notification of outstanding items that require response and actions, as well as due dates. Only after each noncompliance has been sufficiently addressed can we proceed with the next steps of your certification.

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