Organic System Plan (OSP)

What is an Organic System Plan?
The Organic System Plan, or OSP, is the foundation for your application for organic certification. It is the building block of the organic certification process and is the primary document (a collection of documents, really) by which a producer demonstrates compliance with the applicable organic standards on all aspects of their operation.

Your OSP will be comprehensive, spelling out exactly what you do, how you plan to do it, everything you anticipate using, and how your records will verify your practices. The OSP is your in-depth action plan.


When thinking about your timeline for certification, remember to set aside ample time to plan, organize and verify your OSP. The certification process typically takes about 8-12 weeks once your application has been received, so plan accordingly. Please be sure to review our application instructions. Got questions? Ready to get started? Contact us at <> and our staff will assist you.

How to apply:
Please review our application instructions, which offer a few options for completing an application for our offered certification services.

Things to consider when completing your OSP:
The OSP is not stagnant — it evolves and updates as your operation changes. Our staff will work with you during the Initial Review to address needed corrections. Don’t worry about achieving perfection, but do focus on providing sufficient details and covering some of the big basics:

For farm and livestock operations: For processor and handler operations:
Provide an aerial map of your operation Make sure that your process flow chart covers your entire process — from ingredients being received until final products are shipped
Provide the last three years of land history if seeking organic certification, or one year of land history if seeking transitional certification Be prepared to submit an organic certificate for each ingredient supplier as well as all necessary documentation for any approved non-organic ingredients used
If you are a livestock operation, you’ll likely need to apply for both livestock and crop certification


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