Purchase Records

Purchase records for ingredients and materials help verify that the amounts of your organic ingredients match up with your product sales. They also confirm that the ingredients used were certified organic (or an allowable non-organic ingredient).

What documents should be saved for purchase records?

Your main purchase records are invoices for all of your ingredients and materials. For all certified organic purchases, you’ll want to make sure the word “organic” appears on the invoice.

What companion records are needed for tracking purchases?

In addition to invoices, you’ll want to document spec sheets for each multi-ingredient product and forms for organic ingredients and non-organic ingredients. For organic ingredients, you’ll need to keep and organize organic certificates for each one. For approved non-organic ingredients, we’ll need detailed info verifying it was produced without genetic engineering, irradiation, and/or sewage sludge. You also will need to maintain non-organic ingredient supplier information.

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