OSP review pre-inspection

At its core, the purpose of the organic inspection is to verify that your Organic System Plan (OSP) is accurate on paper and in person. An inspector will work to confirm that your operation, its owner, and the employees are working in line with the OSP and regulations. We strongly recommend setting aside time for an in-depth review of the operation’s OSP prior to your inspection.

When and how do I review my OSP?

Don’t wait until the last minute to review your OSP. All clients have access to their complete OSP using our online certification tool, MyOTCO. To access your OSP, log in to MyOTCO and use the “files” menu option.

What parts of my OSP should I review to prep for inspection?

First, we recommend checking that all information is accurate and up to date. Second, examine your listed materials for accuracy and possible de-listing if a material is no longer used. And lastly, review all communications from OTCO since the date of your previous inspection. This includes verifying and preparing documentation to demonstrate all reminders are being met and/or that any outstanding settlements or corrective actions are in process or completed.

What if I need to make changes to my OSP before the inspection?

If your review finds that changes are necessary to your OSP, make all updates prior to your inspection (if you have at least two weeks or more). If your inspection is set to occur in less than two weeks, contact your client service team to make the necessary changes.

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