Sanitation Records

Your Organic System Plan (OSP) outlines sanitation and water practices that must be supported by your operation’s recordkeeping system to demonstrate how you prevent contamination or commingling.

What types of records should be documented for sanitation?

You’ll need to keep records for all of your cleaning and sanitation procedures and activities. You’ll need equipment and container logs for cleanouts between organic and non-organic ingredients if you handle or produce both. This includes cleaning logs for reused containers for bulk products.

What information do I need to keep for sanitation materials?

Per your OSP, you must maintain up-to-date lists of all boiler chemicals, sanitizing, cleaning and pest control materials used. Additionally, you’ll need safety data sheets and purchase records for all of your cleaning and pest control materials.

What information do I need for transportation sanitation?

For bulk products, a clean truck affidavit verifies that the transportation vehicle was properly cleaned to prevent contamination from sanitizer residues or commingling with previously held non-organic products. You must keep affidavits for all bulk and/or unpackaged products.

Do I need water analysis records?

Yes, you should maintain up-to-date water analysis results for any water used in processing your product(s).

What about pest control records?

You are required to keep records of all pest control prevention and extermination practices, activity logs, and records of requests for pest control materials not found on the National List.

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