Understanding GOTS 6.0 Forms

Earlier this year, the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) released version 6.0 of the standard. To make meeting the new requirements as simple as possible, we updated our Organic System Plan (OSP) forms for GOTS clients.


GOTS created a series of short videos covering the updates in GOTS version 6.0. If you have additional questions, please reach out to the OTCO Fiber and Textile Specialist Elizabeth Tigan at elizabeth@tilth.org

How do I fill out the new GOTS forms?

The new modular forms are set up to ensure you only fill out the sections relevant to your business.

To start, fill out the Operation Information (FT0) and Activities Checklist for GOTS (FT1) forms to learn which other documents are required for your operation. After you learn which forms you need, download them below.

How are the forms broken out?

The form modules are:

  • FT0 Operation Information
    The FT0 form covers the basic information about your business for our records.
  • FT1 Activities Checklist
    The FT1 form uses questions about your business to help determine which other OSP forms you need to fill out.
  • FT2 Facility Information
    The FT2 form covers everything we need to know about your facility, including maps and flowcharts.
  • FT3 Product and Ingredient Summary
    The FT3 form establishes what you are making your products with and directs you to other forms we may need from you to track your products, it covers everything from dyes to accessories. The FT 3 form also covers labels, co-packing, and private labels.
  • FT4 Social Criteria Practices
    The FT4 form covers the basic requirements for the social criteria practices in the latest version of GOTS such as living wage.
  • FT5 Sanitation, Environmental, and Water Practices
    The FT5 form evaluates environmental compliance and is where the GOTS monitor comes in handy.
  • FT6 Receiving, Storage, Packaging, and Shipping
    The FT6 form also covers questions about single-use plastic hangers and PVC plastic bags — both of which are not allowed.
  • FT7 Facility Pest Management
  • FT8 Recordkeeping Practices
  • FT9 Personal Care and Food Textile Practices
    The FT9 form is only required if you are producing personal care or food textiles.

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