Using approved materials

Understanding if a material — fertilizer, pest control, etc. — can be used in organic takes a few extra steps. Even when consulting the resources, always check that you are using the material for its reviewed purpose and following all the restrictions.

What materials do I need to use during my transition to organic?

For the transition leading up to organic certification, you can only use materials that are allowed in organic production. This includes fertilizers, pest and disease controls, seeds, seed treatments, livestock treatments, cleaning agents, and any other materials used on the farm. The USDA National List of Allowed and Prohibited Substances outlines what’s permitted (and what’s not) in organic.

How do I know if a material is ok to use on my farm?

In general, synthetic materials are not allowed for use in organic, unless they’re on the National List.

The Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) offers the best searchable list for approved-for-use materials. We’ve outlined the process for finding, adding and documenting materials to use on your farm. But we always recommend checking with us prior to using any questionable material during your transition process.

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