What does this mean for organic producers?

What does this mean for organic producers?

Organic fraud prevention plans are required for all certified operations under the SOE regulation update. 

  • 205.201 Organic production and handling system plan.

(a)(3) A description of the monitoring practices and procedures to be performed and maintained, including the frequency with which they will be performed, to verify that the plan is effectively implemented. This must include a description of the monitoring practices and procedures to verify suppliers in the supply chain and organic status of agricultural products received, and to prevent organic fraud, as appropriate to the certified operations activities, scope, and complexity;

By the implementation date of Strengthening Organic Enforcement (SOE) on March 19th, 2024: 

All certified or applying operations need to have:

  1. Assessed their supply chains
  2. Identified critical control points or potential areas where fraud may occur
  3. Developed a plan to mitigate or eliminate those areas 
  4. Created monitoring procedures to evaluate the effectiveness of their mitigation plans

This is done through completing the OTCO Organic Fraud Prevention Plan (OFPP) Organic System Plan (OSP) module. The purpose of this Resources Guide is to provide additional guidance in filling out the OFPP. OTCO has created an Organic Fraud Prevention webinar which contains additional information and is available on our website: oregontilth.link/ofpp


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