#Certification to the Mexican Organic Products Law (LPO)

The Mexico Organic Products Law requires that any products produced and/or sold in Mexico as organic must meet the requirements of the Mexico Organic Standards (LPO) or be shipped to Mexico under an equivalency arrangement.

Does OTCO certify to the Mexico Organic Standards (LPO)?

Yes. OTCO is accredited to offer LPO certification services, visit our Spanish-language website for more information.

#Importing from Mexico to the U.S.

Organic products imported to the U.S. from Mexico must be certified to the USDA organic regulations.

Do I need an import certificate for importing organic products from Mexico?

The USDA and SENASICA established an agreement requiring import certificates for all organic products traded between the two countries. However, as of April 2020, it is not yet required as the final details of the equivalency agreement are not completed.

#Exporting from the U.S. to Mexico

All USDA-certified products may be exported from the U.S. to Mexico.

Does Mexico have additional requirements or restrictions?

Mexico plans to implement its own requirement for organic products shipped from the U.S. However, both countries hope to sign an equivalence arrangement to allow USDA-certified products to continue to be sold in Mexico without restriction.

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