Pre-Certification FAQs

# USDA National Organic Program

The 1990 Organic Foods Production Act created the USDA National Organic Program (NOP) and a single set of rules that would govern the production, labeling and marketing of organic products in the U.S.

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# Who needs certification?

Information, documents and resources regarding certification exemptions, exclusions and requirements for producers of organic agricultural goods and products.

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# Eligibility for certification

Covers common questions for different types of production (crop, livestock, processing/handling) and producer roles on requirements for organic certification, such as land use history, pasture, commingling and more.

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# Additional OTCO certification services

Covers the basics for additional sustainability certification services offered by OTCO, often an add-on to an existing certification.

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# Certification process

A step-by-step overview of the timeline and process of certification from application through final approval.

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# Materials and inputs in organics

An introduction to allowable materials in organic productions — crops, livestock and processing/handling — as well as prohibited inputs and activities.

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