Organic Farmer Input Needed on Biodiversity Survey

A New York University research study, “Biodiversity and Organic Farming in the United States,” led by Carolyn Dimitri, requests input from certified organic growers nationwide.

Certified organic agriculture identifies biodiversity as central to sustainable, long-term farming productivity. It promotes strong ecosystems on and off the farm in an effort to preserve the environmental services it depends on for success.

The study has several intended benefits for organic farmers, including the identification of:

  1. Technical assistance and information needs on the part of organic farms
  2. Means to harness regularly used practices to increase conservation of biodiversity
  3. Increased awareness on the part of policymakers and communities of the benefits of organic farming

Certified organic farmers willing to participate in the study can fill out the 15-20 minute online survey or request a paper copy by mail. It includes questions to gather basic information about your organic farm, production, the markets you serve, and your technical assistance and training.

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