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December 13, 2016


Be a part of 40 years of tradition, education and leading storytelling for organic and sustainable food change. Join us as a Sponsor of In Good Tilth magazine.

As you know, a sponsorship is *not* an ad. We don’t view sponsorships as a “plus” form of advertisement. Rather, with a sponsorship you become an intimate part of what we're doing with In Good Tilth. We have only up to five sponsors each issue. That’s it. As a sponsor, you show your support for Oregon Tilth and IGT through a contribution of $1,000 which will get you:

  • One full-size acknowledgment page showcasing your logo, vision statement and website
  • One social media post with links to your website and social media
  • Logo in email newsletter
  • Logo with hyper-link on IGT website
  • An official Oregon Tilth Patron sticker
  • A top-secret preview of a feature story the day before launch
  • A huge thank you hug (virtual or real whenever we see you)

This is a one-off payment and your sponsorship will be active in the upcoming issue only. Be sure to give us your name as desired to be listed, your website and your correct shipping address to receive your copies of the issue when it hits the mail. We’ll be in touch to talk about the language to accompany your sponsor page.


Contact Information

Oregon Tilth Main Office
PO Box 368
Corvallis, OR 97339
Phone: (503) 378-0690
Toll Free: (877) 378-0690
Email: organic@tilth.org

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