Organics and Regenerative Agriculture

Source: Oregon Tilth
Format: Webinar

Regenerative agriculture has emerged as a popular term to explain a “beyond sustainable” approach to farming and grazing that regenerates the soil and improves the environment. This webinar provides background information on the regenerative agriculture movement and an overview of regenerative practices utilized by farmers and ranchers in different production systems. Presenters will discuss how regenerative and organic practices differ and overlap, while sharing their perspectives on how a growing interest in regenerative agriculture could impact the organic market, consumer choice, and future of food certification.


  • Drew Katz, Transition Services Coordinator, Oregon Tilth
  • Andre LeuSteering Committee Member, Regeneration International; President, IFOAM Organics International
  • Dag Falck, Organic Program Manager, Nature’s Path
  • Chris Kerston, Director of Events and Public Outreach, Savory Institute