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Oregon Tilth Board Meeting

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When Mar 19, 2013
from 05:00 pm to 07:00 pm
Where Online
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1.  Please join my meeting.

2.  Use your microphone and speakers (VoIP) - a headset is recommended. Or, call in using your telephone.

Dial +1 (267) 507-0017
Access Code: 860-740-481
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Meeting ID: 860-740-481

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Oregon Tilth Conference Call Board Meeting Agenda


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

5:00-7:00 PM





Welcome, Introductions, Logistics



1. Member Comment



2. Consent Agenda

·      Minutes from past meeting

·      EL-2 Treatment of Staff

·      ED Report



3. Items Removed from the Consent Agenda

Discuss and plan follow-up


4. Survey Action from last month’s Monitoring Survey



5. Nominations Committee  Check In

Discuss and follow-up


6. Committee check-in

  • Personnel-5 min
  • Membership Advisory-5 min



7. Other Business & Announcements

  • Form OTCO Management Review Committee
  • Schedule discussion about a strategic planning process for the board
  • Sign-up for Monitoring reports and writing for E-News and IGT
  • Decide WHERE to hold our in-person meeting in June

Sign up


8. Homework - All



9. Meeting Evaluation - All



10. Executive Session



Welcome, Introductions, Logistics

This is an opportunity to learn a bit about each other and build some fun into our meeting

#1 Member Comment

Objective:  Hear from our members

Preparation:  none needed

#2 Consent Agenda

Objective:  Formal recording of approval of the minutes and monitoring reports.


Read all items included in the consent agenda.

A consent agenda contains items that we all will have read and will be prepared to accept or not accept prior to the meeting.  If more discussion is needed, we remove that item from the consent agenda and place on our calendar to discuss (and hopefully resolve) at a later date. 

#3 Items Removed from the Consent Agenda

Objective:  Discuss any items that are removed and determine next steps.

Preparation:  Open discussion about how we move forward with item(s) removed.  For Monitoring Reports–do we need more information or data?  Let’s be clear and concise.

#4 Survey Action from last month’s Monitoring Survey

Objective:  Identify action that needs to be taken from our last monitoring survey.

Explanation:  A great way to review policies on a regular basis is to answer some basic questions about each policy as it is reported on.  A survey has been sent regarding Treatment of Staff.  Fill out the survey so we can discuss what needs to happen from here.  Future agendas would review the monitoring report survey compilation, suggest action, and then we can each be ready to volunteer for tasks around policy revisions (like rewriting refining, or wordsmithing).

#5 Nominations Committee Check In

Objective:  Successfully recruit board members and see how we can all support the Nominations Committee

Preparation:  Build relationships, encourage participation.  Discuss as a group how and who to recruit.  We need to all be responsible for helping with recruitment and building board strength and leadership by identifying potential board candidates.  This needs to be an on-going process.  It is unwise to scramble to find candidates at the last minute.

#6 Committee Check-in

Objective:  Hear progress from all committees.

Preparation:  If you are on a committee, please come prepared to share what the committee has been up to and progress on any action items.

#7 Other Business and Announcements

  • Form OTCO Management Review Committee
  • Schedule discussion about a strategic planning process for the board
  • Discuss writing for the monthly E-news

Objective:  Share our thoughts with each other

Preparation: We need two or three folks to sign up for this committee.  Decide when to discuss a strategic planning process for the board.  Let’s all look at the board calendar and sign-up for writing for IGT and E-News.  Decide where to have our June in-person meeting so arrangements can be made.

#8 Homework - All

Objective: Check in on action items and ensure follow through.

Past Homework: Let’s be accountable to each other and to the membership by following through on items we sign up to do.  Create reasonable deadlines for ourselves and ensure we each do follow through.

#9 Evaluation

Objective: Evaluate our meeting so we can celebrate our success and identify areas we can improve.

Preparation: Show up to the meeting and participate.

#10 Executive Session

Objective: Private human resources issue.

Preparation: Board members please read documents pertaining to this matter on Dropbox.

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