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Over the course of your operation’s certification, you may have new opportunities to grow and diversify your business. For instance, farmers will add organic processing certification to produce a retail-ready, multi-ingredient food product right on the farm.  

Your current OTCO-certified status makes it straightforward to go through the application process to add another certification. Our unique partnerships offer access to value-added services — Salmon-Safe and Bee Better Certified™ — and our experienced teams can walk you through private-label certifications such as Global Organics Textiles Standards and NSF/ANSI 305 for personal care products.

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Adding a certification

Before you get started on applying for another service, be sure to learn which activities may be allowed and covered by your current certification.  

If you are unsure, or want to learn more about additional certification services, our customer support team and dedicated hotlines are ready to support you. Additionally, you can review our application deadlines and see the application instructions to start planning your next steps.

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