Education Closes the Gap Between



We help participants in our food system balance the priorities of people, productivity and the planet. Through Oregon Tilth’s education efforts, we nurture promising practices that become everyday approaches that help conserve our environment, strengthen our regional economies and enhance our public health. We’re committed to expanding knowledge and research to develop sensible innovations for a more sustainable food future.

We focus our education approach on the following values:

  • Learning is a collaborative process.
    We understand that big questions can’t be answered alone. Our education work involves farmers, processors, scientists, researchers and other partners to tackle challenges with a wide range of knowledge. Discussion and engagement are at the core of all of our efforts. We rely on our partners to increase our impact, reduce redundancy and expand outreach. Our partnerships discover how to leverage what each does well in order to make up for where we each fall short.
  • Increasing access to technical assistance for everyone.
    Technical assistance helps individuals and organizations build internal capacities to meet issues head on. Oregon Tilth helps organizations fill knowledge gaps by linking clients, members and partners to quality resources and training. Whether understanding soil science or navigating public programs, our work enables organic practitioners to access expertise and resources that support their efforts to conserve our environment, enhance our health and promote prosperity for all.
  • Knowledge sharing deepens our connections and commitment to shared goals.
    Our practitioner networks respond to challenges by turning to each other for resources and “real world” lessons in times of need. Oregon Tilth offers targeted trainings through its certification and education work to tackle developing issues. Whether co-hosting the biennial Organicology conference with technical workshops, producing an annual line-up of webinar trainings or acting as a clearinghouse for information resources, we believe knowledge should never be a roadblock for success.