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Update: Applications during COVID-19

Until further notice, due to COVID-19, we will not accept applications for any service offerings under the USDA National Program (NOP) certification. Oregon Tilth’s organic certification is temporarily unavailable for crops, livestock, wild harvest, processing, and handling.

We want to share details of what we’re facing and our availability to help anyone checking out organic certification for the first time.

The USDA NOP requires an on-site inspection for all new applicants, a critical step in verifying new businesses pursuing organic certification. Unfortunately, there is no current option to perform a remote audit for new applicants. We will continue to advocate for the ability to conduct an online inspection during the COVID-19 pandemic, as is currently the case in the EU, Canada, and Mexico.

Our experience over the last few months is driving our decision to halt USDA NOP applications. We’re experiencing staffing shortages for inspectors, difficulties with travel logistics, disruptions, steadily increasing risk and known exposures to COVID-19. We value the health and safety of our work family and clients above all else. Our decision is both operational and moral; we will do whatever is necessary to protect those we care about and serve.

We will continue to accept applicants to our transitional certification program, organic fiber certification program (GOTS), personal care product certification program (NSF), and the Bee Better Certified™ pollinator program. Each program allows new applicants to undergo a detailed inspection virtually.

If you’re interested in one of the above programs or still want to talk about organic certification, please contact us at or schedule a time for us to give you a call. We’ll update this page periodically, but suggest you touch base so we can be in touch once we’re starting to accept applications again.

Thanks for understanding.

We’re committed to organic, to you, and to getting through this crisis together.

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