Conservation Protects



It’s not complicated.

The loss of natural resources and degradation of landscapes threatens our ability to grow food, drink clean water and sustain our communities economies. We believe all agricultural practices need to protect and care for the natural resources we depend on. Our approach to integrating conservation into farm practices is simple: we link sustainable production methods to on-farm viability—designing strategies that demonstrate how holistic approaches to farming can benefit the environment and its stewards.

Protecting nature and people, together

At Oregon Tilth, we know organic agriculture is a proven system that provides quality foods to people, economic boosts to its communities and protects natural resources and the ecosystems dependent upon them. As a partner with the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), we work together to promote research and provide model practices. We see firsthand that conservation-minded agriculture starts with organic producers. No one knows the health of our landscapes better than organic growers working closely with soil, monitoring plant health and observing pastures daily. Our job is to connect growers with the expertise and critical resources that can turn conservation ideas into impactful practices.

Embedding conservation strategies into farm practices

We’re working to ensure that conservation-minded agriculture provides environmental and financial benefits that make the case for a different kind of food system. Oregon Tilth brings together farmers and researchers to gather data and use it to sharpen conservation-minded farm strategies that make sense for both people and planet. Our job is to provide farmers—our nation’s landscape stewards—with tools and practices that prioritize natural resources and the people leading efforts to protect them.

Through our partnership with NRCS, we target four areas to bring conservation practices to more farmers and agricultural communities:

  • increase knowledge-sharing for USDA conservationists regarding organic production,
  • develop technical information for use by agency staff,
  • increase knowledge of organic certifiers regarding resource conservation,
  • and increase conservation assistance to organic producers.

Our initiatives help expand practitioners access to learning opportunities and resources, empowering anyone to adopt organic production methods. A stronger and more integrated organic conservation system will make it easier for beginning and established farmers to learn about these practices and apply for conservation programs that can provide them with technical and financial assistance for implementation.

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