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Public influence and participation is a critical part in advocating for a sustainable food system that serves people and planet. We’ve seen firsthand how public support for smart policies that protect our environment, create economic opportunities for farmers and make our food production more sustainable makes a difference. Learn more about how you can support our work and make your voice be heard on big issues.

Current Take Action Opportunities

Oregon HB4122
On February 8, Oregon Tilth offered written testimony to the House Committee on Consumer Protection and Government Effectiveness regarding HB 4122. The testimony outlined the adverse impact insufficient oversight of GE crops has on all farmers, such as:

  • In May 2013, the discovery of unapproved GE wheat in eastern Oregon caused Japan and South Korea to temporarily suspend soft white wheat imports from the Pacific Northwest.
  • In August 2013, GE alfalfa was confirmed to have contaminated non-GE alfalfa grown in Washington State and resulted in the hay being rejected by a broker for export market. The USDA said it would not investigate the incident.
  • In December 2014, the Chinese government blacklisted several hay exporters from exporting to China. Many container loads of hay shipped to China have been turned away after GE-contaminated alfalfa was detected in the loads.

The testimony goes on to outline how in the absence of effective federal or statewide policy to control GE crops, the Oregon Legislature should reestablish the ability of local communities to address their unique needs.

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Child Nutrition Act Reauthorization
On January 20, the Senate Agriculture Committee voted unanimously to send their draft Child Nutrition Act reauthorization on to the full Senate, and it includes 10 million dollars a year – doubled funding! – for farm to school grants nationwide, along with a host of fixes that will help the grant program work better for schools and farmers. Please consider sending an appreciation to senators who helped champion this issue and encourage the full Senate to move this action forward.

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