Organicology 2019

February 14-16, 2019


February 2019

Organicology is presented in partnership by Oregon Tilth, Organically Grown Company, Organic Seed Alliance, and the Sustainable Food Trade Association. Each organization brings their own level of expertise in the sector, to create a unique conference that drives our food system toward a healthier, sustainable future.

The next Organicology conference will be held in Portland, Ore. from February 14-16, 2019.

Please note, you can reserve your hotel room now; call the Hilton Portland at (800) 445-8667 and use code: ORG. Please reach out to with any questions or comments. Visit our website or follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for instant announcements. #organicology @organicologists

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2019 Intensives

Climate Action Plans

Participants will walk away with a strong knowledge of what other peers are doing to address climate action, and the goals and tactics that are most relevant and realistic for their companies to implement.

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Seed Production Essentials

Participants will receive top-notch training on the basics of growing seed – from production practices to cleaning techniques, to the economic considerations for a successful crop.

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Equity in the Organic Movement

This special intensive will focus on our individual and collective roles in keeping farms profitable and productive, improving farm wages and working conditions, making healthy food accessible to all, and diversifying leadership in our sector. It will create a comfortable space for discomfort, for reflecting on our own responsibility and vulnerability.

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Cannabis: From Crop to Commodity

Participants will receive a thorough look at the opportunities and challenges in this rapidly growing sector. This full-day workshop caters to the cannabis-curious: those who want to know more about cannabis production systems, the legal environment, and the economic outlook for the industry.

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Integrity, Continuous Improvement and Evolution in the Organic Trade

This intensive explores increasingly contentious debates about what is “truly” organic, what responsibility organic has to “evolve” (or not) in order to help address numerous global crises that may be aggravated or abated by agricultural practice, and who should be carrying the organic flag into the future.

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2017 Keynotes

Our three guest speakers called for symbiotic alliances and unity to generate positive change in our community, our food and our future.

Mas Masumoto

“It’s my hope that when we work together in this ecosystem with shared values, we can transform the food system. I want to foster a food system that is not based on failures of others. In many ways, this thought is revolutionary.”

Eric Holt-Gimenez

“We have to make social and structural changes beyond food and farms. Social issues have been used to divide us…and we need to build bridges and alliances to achieve transformation.”

Nikki Silvestri

“We build economic fertility by starting from a place of acknowledgement. Ecological fertility is the bridge between economic and social fertility.”

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Advancing dialogue that supports equitable food & agriculture

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