Oregon Tilth Certified Organic

Certification Details


Certification details display what fields, crops, livestock, or products are associated with each certification service that you currently have certified. To collapse an Inspection service section, click the minus next to the service/product group name.

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Services – The certification service (NOP-Crop, NOP-Handling, US/Canada Equivalence-Crop, etc.)

Details – For fields, this is the acreage of the field for the given service. Note that if the field is certified for more than one service, the acreage will be repeated for each service in the details column. For handling operations, the brand is displayed here.

Information 2 – Gives specific information for products, such as if a vegetable is fresh or frozen or if a dairy product is liquid or powder.

Review result – Details if the crop or product is Organic, 100% Organic, Made with Organic, etc.

Certified on – The date the certification result was given to the crop or product.

Reviewer – The certification officer who gave the certification result.

MyOTCO Guide

In this guide, we explain how to navigate through and utilize the MyOTCO platform.