Oregon Tilth Certified Organic

Welcome to Your Dashboard


Your Client Services Team

This section displays your client services team’s contact information. If you have questions, updates, requests, etc., this is the contact information to send these items to. 


This section of the dashboard shows your audits. Audit progress is displayed on the left side, while the audit indication is on the right side of each entry. 


The “findings” section displays noncompliances, appeals, reminders, open action items, and material reviews.

Findings Table:


Certificates are displayed from most current to oldest. Use the arrows at the bottom of the table to view older certificates.

Aside from the main dashboard, at the top of the screen, there are other sections and dashboards you can navigate to. Simply click on what you’re interested in viewing. 

MyOTCO Guide

In this guide, we explain how to navigate through and utilize the MyOTCO platform.