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Manage Your Users


You can issue a MyOTCO account to anyone associated with your file. They will be given a MyOTCO login and have access to your account anytime.  To issue access, please follow the steps outlined below. 

MyOTCO Guide Video (Spanish)

To add a new user to your MyOTCO complete the following steps: 

  1. select “new” to add a new user. 
  2. Complete the required information (name and email). 
  3. Allow manage user” grants the user you’re adding the ability to add other users. You do 
  4. not have to check this unless you want the new user to be able to also add new users. 
  5. Select “save” and close. 

To activate the User’s access, complete the following steps: 

  1. In the next window, select the box next to the user you just added, which will be indicated with a gray icon. 
  2. Once selected, options appear above. Select “Issue web access” to send the new user a welcome email and grant them access.

If you’ve never set up your MyOTCO account, contact your Client Services Team

MyOTCO Guide

In this guide, we explain how to navigate through and utilize the MyOTCO platform.