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Online Blueberry Physiology, Production Systems & Management

September 29 - 13, 2017 $995

Learn the fundamentals of blueberry plant physiology and growth, species and types grown and cultivar adaptation, planting establishment, production systems, and important pests to develop successful new plantings or improve the yield and production efficiency of existing planting in this online, instructor-led certificate program offered by Professional and Continuing Education at Oregon State University. Within a collaborative, research- and experience-based curriculum and interaction with the instructor and peers through a discussion board, you will finish the course with a comprehensive knowledge of blueberry.

The course is designed to start with development of an in-depth knowledge of blueberry plant physiology and growth to understand how plants will respond to weather/climate, pests, and production practices. Each subsequent week we will build upon this information to provide practical knowledge on blueberry cultivars, planting design, establishment, production systems, pruning, and pests. You will engage with the instructor(s) and peers through the discussion board.

The target audience for this course is growers of small- to large-sized conventional or organic farms, crew leaders, farm managers, advisors, packers, shippers, and consultants. The course is designed such that those new or well-versed in blueberry production will benefit. Students will access 3 to 4 hours of lectures per week in this 6week course. A new set of lectures will be available each week. In addition to completing the course and interacting with peers and the instructors on a discussion board, students will need to complete one or more quizzes per week to receive their certificate of completion.

Additionally, there are a limited number of scholarships available for the class. Please click the grey “Scholarship Application” button on the right side of the screen to download. You will be asked to submit the completed scholarship application form in the online registration form.

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