Exporting organic products to Japan from the U.S.

USDA National Organic Program (NOP) certified products are able to be exported to Japan if they fall under the scope of the arrangement (certified organic plant, animal and processed products).

If you plan to export your new product, please email your client services team with your product composition and labeling information. OTCO will then pre-approve your product for export.

Waiting to request approval for exporting a product until it is already in transit may cause costly delays.

What export requirements per the U.S.-Japan arrangement do I need to know?

All products being exported from the U.S. to Japan must contain at least 95 percent organic ingredients. Additionally, the following restrictions apply:

  • The final processing and packaging must occur within the U.S.
  • All labels must be in accordance with the Japanese labeling requirements.
  • Honey, alcohol, livestock feed, and non-food processed (including personal care) products are outside of the scope of this arrangement. Any NOP certified products that fall under these categories may be labeled/sold under the USDA organic in Japan. These products may not bear the JAS organic seal but may carry the word “organic” in English or Japanese.
  • Each shipment must include a load specific TM-11 Export Certificate to clear customs

What forms are required to complete an export request?

All products must be accompanied by an export certificate, also known as a TM-11, that has been completed by OTCO.

What information is required for the export certificate (TM-11)?

The statement “Certified in compliance with the terms of the US-Japan Organic Equivalency Arrangement,” must be included in the documentation.

Is the Japanese Agricultural Standard (JAS) seal allowed on labels?

The JAS seal is only allowed when the operation applying the seal is certified to JAS or under contract with a JAS-certified importer.

How do I request a hard copy of the export certificate?

If you would like the original hard copy of the certificate to be sent, provide a shipping address as well as an account number (FedEx, UPS, DHL) to be billed. Include a contact name and phone number associated with the recipient. If sending via UPS, provide the zip code associated with the account to be billed.

Is an export certificate request eligible for expedited service?

Yes. Please state all expedite needs in the body of the request email to export@tilth.org.

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Please send all export request documents to export@tilth.org.

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