Importing organic products to the U.S. from Canada

The U.S.–Canada equivalency arrangement allows Canada Organic Regime (COR) certified products to be imported into the U.S.

Are there requirements for imported COR certified products to the U.S.?

To be sold, labeled, or represented as organic in U.S., organic products must meet additional requirements:

  • Agricultural products derived from animals treated with antibiotics shall not be marketed as organic in the United States
  • Written documentation is required to verify that additional production requirements have been met and attestations can be made by either the operation or the certifying agent
  • COR organic products exported to the U.S. must be accompanied by an organic certificate issued by a COR-accredited certifying agent recognized under the terms of the U.S. – Canada Equivalency Arrangement. The organic certificate issued by the COR certifying agent must include the following statement: “Certified in compliance with the terms of the U.S. – Canada Organic Equivalency Arrangement.”

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