Initial review

After receipt of your application and application fees, our staff begin the “initial review” of your Organic System Plan (OSP). You’ll receive an email — sent to the application’s primary contact — letting you know the initial review is in process, the name of the certification officer conducting the review, and the reviewer’s contact information.

What to expect during the initial review:

  • Our staff review your application to determine possible compliance issues. If they have questions or discover potential compliance concerns, we’ll contact you.
  • It’s common for your certification officer to have questions about your OSP. We often request additional documentation to determine your operation’s compliance. This is part of the normal process — however, during the initial review period, it’s important that we can reach you to continue forward movement on your application.
  • Please regularly check your email, voicemail, and mail.
  • After completion of the initial review, you’ll receive an official letter via email or snail mail that will provide details regarding information needed at your inspection and other reminders as necessary.

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