Move or add a facility

How do I add a new facility?

Start with a complete review of your Organic System Plan (OSP). Identify any changes you will need to make due to the facility addition or move to a new location (e.g., facility information, pest management, water and sanitation practices, etc.).

All situations are unique. It’s a good idea to contact us early in your planning process. We’ll help identify potential issues, and coordinate with our certification and inspection teams.

Here is the basic info we’ll need to get started:

  • Purchase of any new equipment
  • System upgrades or changes in procedures
  • A detailed facility description and map
  • Timeline for construction, equipment installation, records transfer, and desired production start

Depending on your planned changes, it may be necessary to submit new OSP forms to describe the new or updated practices.


Certification and certificates issued to certified operations are not transferrable to new owners in cases of mergers, acquisitions, or other transfers of ownership. In the event a business is purchased or a merger occurs, the new owner must re-apply for organic certification and complete inspection under the new legal business entity. An inspection must occur even if the previous inspection happened less than a year ago.

Which forms will I need to update?

You will need to complete the Facility Information form (H2) and document if there are any process flow changes.

Next, review your plan to look for areas you may need to update such as practices for shipping and receiving, sanitation, and pest management. Depending on what you find, you may need to update the H3, H5, H6, H7 and H8 forms.

If the address listed in your Operation Information (O1) form is closing, a new form with an updated address will need to be submitted, along with any other OSP updates related to the new address. Additionally, we’ll need notification if the certification of the previous facility location is to be surrendered

Will my facility addition require an inspection?

Yes, adding or moving to a new facility always requires an inspection.

We recommend providing us with as much advance notice possible — at least four to six weeks — for scheduling and minimizing costs.

Can I process product(s) at my new facility before my inspection?

An operation in good certification standing may be eligible to begin organic production prior to inspection, final review, and certification only if all products remain on site.

You must maintain the appropriate records to prove eligibility through the final review and certification of the facility. However, any pre-inspection and pre-certification production runs the risk of not being verified as organic, and will not be permitted for organic sale or representation.

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